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Welcome to the home of Pocket Quake, and Pocket Quake II. If you have any questions, please use the forums (PQ forums, PQII forums).

The current release of Pocket Quake is: 0.062 - Download
The current release of Pocket Quake II is: 0.11
- Download


DEXplor File Explorer
Dan recently released his first commercial Pocket PC project, DEXplor. This is a powerful file explorer including Zip and a Registry Editor. Purchasing this product for $13.95 provides you with a top-notch explorer, and all of the profit directly supports Dan East and his projects.

Donate via PayPal
You can make a direct donation of any amount via Dan's PayPal account.


Ok, so after the server move everything sorta went "poof" on this site. I've done my best to fix all the links, and have made some minor updates to the design of the site.

Blimey, its been over a month since the last update! First, as you have no doubt seen on PocketGamer, pq2 has now been released. To start playing you need the new game exe and the shareware pak file. If you have any problems just visit the Pocketquake II forum. Next, we have an updated version of the pq map 'Thule' from davinci.

Now i'd like to make an appeal. As you can see, the site isn't looking it's best at the moment. We were hoping to get some graphics together but with the server changes and holidays that hasn't happened. If you want to express your love for Dan, maybe you'd like to contact us and help out when we re-design the site. Buy Snails!

More developments on the Quake 2 front. Dan has now tested the game on his ipaq and gotten about 3fps. Remember this is the first unoptimised build and he hopes to release the game before the end of this week! Here's another screenshot and heres the thread on the PocketMatrix forums.

Update: "Just a quick note on the shareware pak file. It is 48 MB, 25 MB of which is audio files. Those can be hacked right out using a Pak editor, and Quake 2 never complains about not finding them" Also, if anyone out there would like to devote there time to converting the sounds / textures to a lower quality it would be much appreciated.

Okay, wait for it... Quake 2 has been ported to the Pocket PC!! Following the release of the Quake 2 source code by id Software, Dan East has taken the first steps in bringing this game to Windows CE. Heres the original post at

I've got Quake II ported to the Pocket PC platform. It will be a couple days before release, because there are details yet to clean up (GAPI drawing and input controls). I've only tried it in the emulator, so I can't give you an indication of the speed. It runs 100% on my 300 mhz laptop in emulator, but that of course is no indication of what I'll see on the StrongARM. The main problem at this time is the shareware pak file is 48 MB. I don't know if I'll have gZip compression ready for the initial release or not. The way I implemented compression for Quake I is so freaking slow that at this point I'm considering something more advanced so the loading won't be so compromised. I only have 16 MB CF Cards, so I'm going to have to strip everything out of the pak I can to get it to install on my hardware.

Here's the first image of Quake 2 running in the emulator in Dan's laptop. We'll keep you posted. Thanks Dan!

Scott Ramsby's modification of Pocket Quake, which supports iPaq 38xx devices, is now available for download here at the official PQ site. Thanks Scott!

This news item is not directly related to Pocket Quake, but it's close! :) Dan East (who brought Quake to the Pocket PC) has recently ported Wolfenstein 3D as well. This is the game that started it all, and is Quake's "Grandfather" (Wolfenstein 3D -> Doom -> Quake). It provides similar 3D gameplay, and because of its simplicity, runs faster and requires less storage space than Pocket Quake.

Thomas Wilburn's modification of Pocket Quake, which supports the greyscale iPaq 3100 device, is now available for download here at the official PQ site. This has been available for some time, but I'm just getting around to providing it here at the official site. Thanks Thomas!

Lloyd Bailey's modification of Pocket Quake, which supports HP Jornada devices with 8 bit color displays (HP54x and HP52x series), is now available for download here at the official PQ site. Thanks Lloyd!

Beta 0.062 released. This is a bug-fix release, which fixes the "-game" command line parameter. If you already have version 0.061 then you only need to upgrade if you use advanced custom maps, mods and bots (which requires the registered pak level files).